Congress considers bill to feed the Homeless to Wolves

"Some use the term 'homeless people.' I prefer the term 'homeless flesh puddles.'"

“Some use the term ‘homeless people.’ I prefer the term ‘nomadic flesh puddles.'”

For years, there have been people all over the world that live without homes. They are often referred to as “homeless.”

Some people think that the homeless should be helped, fed, clothed, and tickled by the more fortunate of society. Others believe that they should be fed to wolves. A recently proposed bill will see where the US Congress stands on the issue.

HINT: They’re For the Wolves Thing

Introduced by Republican House Representative Don Young, the Put A Bunch of Wolves in a Cage and Throw in All The Homeless People Act (H.R. 934) will be voted upon next Tuesday. Young claims that “introducing wolves to the homeless population will give that group a feel for what it’s like to be eaten by a wolf,” and that “there is profitability in this concept, I’m sure of it.”

“Also, this will definitely not affect anyone covered by Obamacare,” he added.

For more on human life having zero value, contact Boko Haram or click here.

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