Cornish Pasty Tax-Disc Manufacturer Sues Government over U-Turn

Cornish Pasty Tax Discs

Cornish Pasties were to display Tax Discs

A Cornish printing firm who won the contract to print all the tax new discs for Cornish Pasties (in time for the new VAT on the tasty snacks) are said to be furious with the government for backing down on the legislation.

They’re filing a legal action against the government for lost of income as the company has entered administration and over half their staff are now facing redundancy.

The discs, each about the size of a 1 Euro coin, resemble regular car tax discs and were to be displayed clearly on all pasties prior to consumption.

“What the bloody hell are we supposed to do with all these discs?” Said Clifford Billis, the CEO.

Help maybe at hand though in the form of new taxes the government are proposing to introduce in order to make up for the revenue lost by the U-turn.

Of particular interest to Mr Billis might be the new tax upon remote control cars which will now incur an extra VAT payment.

In order to enforce this tax, dwarf policemen will be stationed around the country each authorised to carry out spot checks on the vehicles without an appointment.

Any car found not to be clearly displaying a tax disc will be trodden on in front of a weeping child.

However Britain’s chief of dwarf police is only cautiously optimistic.

“We’re not going to open the (hotel mini-bar edition) gin bottles just yet,” he told The Haddock. “We’re a bit short-staffed!” He laughed raucously in a way that only dwarfs who are taking the piss out of themselves because they are allowed to without fear of reproach can.




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