Cornwall Launches Its Own Single Currency: The Truro

Cornish Independence leads to the creation of 'The Truro'

Cornish Independence?

There’s bad timing and there’s Cornwall’s decision to fly in the face of the current European currency crisis and launch their own single currency ‘The Truro’ named after the capital city.

The Truro, which will begin trading tomorrow, will be buoyed by local industries such as fishing, tourism, pasties and selling geraniums at the end of your drive using an honesty box.

Hoping to fill the vacuum left by Esperanto, Fascism and other ideas designed to unite Europe which have since gone the way of the dodo (ie. they were eaten by sailors but one was stuffed and put in the Natural History Museum) the Truro has the backing of Iceland, Greece and Portugal which is topical if nothing else.

A spokesman for the Conservative Party pointed out that not having Sovereign status the Cornish were legally unable to use their own currency.

He suggested they “stop being so bloody daft and carry on making pasties”, but these words have understandably caused some acrimony amongst locals.

“F*cking Bastard,” said one man. “Total W*nker.” said another, although both were drunk and there is some evidence to suggest that they may in fact have been speaking to each other.

If you’d like to buy some currency the Truro is deffinately an attractive prospect as it has a picture of a fish on it and some words in ancient Druidic language pertaining to the Saxons habit of wetting themselves.

There are currently seventeen Truro notes available but when the printers open at 9am tomorrow a batch of 200 is expected to be delivered to a Mr Finbar Whiting of Falmouth by 1pm or he gets a free voucher for the inconvenience caused.

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