Couple name their child after cake-eating beheaded French tyrant

They named their son after a pillock

Louis, the traditional name of French kings, has been given the new son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The last king with that name was Louis XVI who had his head cut off after his fat wife made cake jokes about some local angry types.

In fact they were so angry they cut off l lots of heads and the many French didn’t have heads at all for some years after that.

Louis the XVI was only slightly less of a pillock than his father and the less said about Louis XIV the better. I mean the man’s penis barely saw the light of day and he was rumoured to have fathered around a million people, a few dogs and a hen named Albert.


At least they didn’t call him Atilla!

Thank heaven for small blessings, they could have called him Atilla after Mr Windsor’s famous ancestor who beat the Roman army back. Actually, come to think of it that’s better than a cake-eating pillock who lost his head.

When asked about the name they said that it was a nice name and then they asked what France was.

The French, meanwhile, have offered to behead the new prince when he’s old enough but for now they’re all eating cake while they wait.




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