Curry worries due to Lamb Scam!

What lies beneath? Wing and beak...or hand and feet!

What lies beneath? Wing and beak…or hand and feet!

Much like the beef which sneaked in meat from the namesake animals with horseshoed feet, now worries abound for the curries in town and the drab kebabs we’re guzzling down. For a devious scam, this time with lamb, shows that the meat is replete with alternate meats which are cheap.

Vile Deceit from the Shop-Owning Creep who Misrepresents the Meat of a Sheep!

Both home and abroad, this constitutes fraud: a blatant guffaw in the face of the law. When the Chief of Police was asked to speak on the counterfeit meat being pushed on our streets, the answers he brandished were brilliantly candid:

“The situation is bullshit!” he says as he rambles. “I’m just glad we didn’t find that in the samples!”

How best to handle this meat-swapping scandal is now hot debate by our heads of state. Some favor a task force to oversee our food courts; others completely shun meat in favor of beets, holding a torch for only eating borsch.

But as the matter is not one of Public Health, in a week no one will care, as with everything else.

For more hubbub over the falsified grub, click here.

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