Da Vinci’s Wheelbarrow-Plane; Flight Imminent

flying wheelbarrow

The Prototype

Recently unearthed drawings by keen gardener and all round clever bloke; Leonardo Da Vinci, revealed a revolutionary design for a wheelbarrow-aircraft.
The Florentine genius, known to have invented gliders, helicopters, turkey basters, clock-radios, electric toothbrushes, foot spa’s and other wonders far ahead of his time, reached his engineering zenith with this marvel of science.

A prototype of the machine, which is launched by being pushed down a hill, has been lovingly recreated using equipment from a garden centre in accordance with the great man’s instructions.

This unmanned version will undergo its first flight-tests next week at Beachey Head in Sussex.

“Of course it will fly!” Bellows Major Shelby Tungsten-Codpiece of the Hubris Flying Club. “The man painted the bally Mona Lisa didn’t he?”

Despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that Leonardo actually flew anything larger than a paint pallet, the Major’s team plan to launch a manned flight within two months!

The Haddock will of course be in attendance…

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