Dog Throwing to be banned after Old Man Pelted with Chihuahuas!

Chihuahuas - dog throwing  - the haddock

These are Weapons in the wrong hands

A crack down on dangerous dogs has been proposed in parliament after an attack in East London left an old man fighting for his life after being pelted with chihuahuas outside his local pub.

An eye witness explains what happened.

“Well he just walked out onto the street and was immediately surrounded. There must have been ten of them, each carrying six or seven chihuahuas … well, he didn’t stand a chance.”

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, in Buckinghamshire a postman was knocked from his bike by a blizzard of dachshunds thrown from the window of a car travelling at high speed.

“Something has to be done,” said Godbur Wilkinson of the small dog defence league. “These animals are being bred as weapons, like little grenades with teeth and claws. It’s not their fault that they’re just the right size and weight for throwing.”

He went on to argue that dog throwing should be controlled by a licensing system. The good name of dog throwing clubs like those at Bisley and Welling Garden City is being dragged through the dirt by these acts of wanton cruelty and violence.

Mike Binchy from Reading is a keen dog thrower. “My son and I love dog throwing, we go every sunday to our local club, I’ve got a license and keep my dogs in a locked metal cabinet at home … why should I be tarred with the same brush as these thugs?”

Despite this the epidemic goes on. Police are warning the public to be vigilant and report anybody carrying dogs in holsters or tucked into their socks immediately.

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