Danny Nightingale to Confabulate his way through rest of life

Trust me with high-powered firearms!

Trust me with high-powered firearms!

A confabulating crufuffle!

Former SAS sniper and bad-ass name-haver Danny Nightingale was convicted of taking a gun and lots of ammunition to his suburban home. To our American readers: yes, in England that’s against the law!

To be fair, it was a work gun, so technically it’s stolen property, even if you’re just using it to kill people. Probably especially in that case. If you’re using the ammunition as Christmas decorations, that’d be somewhat neat I guess.

Nightingale’s case was plagued with mishandlings, impassioned pleadings, and a streak of confabulation. What is confabulation? It sounds kinky!

Confabulation: the replacement of a gap in a person’s memory by a falsification that he or she believes to be true.

Not kinky!

But, it is the perfect remedy for Nightingale. For the next 35 to 40 years, he hopes to live in any manner he pleases, only to falsely remember his life upon his deathbed.

Beer bongs? Check! Beer pong? Check! Things that don’t involve beer? Outta here!

Best of luck you gun-wielding manic confabulator! Enjoy replacing the awful bits of your life with reruns of “Are You Being Served?”

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Bennet Vindushali

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