David Cameron to attend Parliament on Horseback from now on!

The Government has gone Poney!

The Prime Minister’s chair in The House of Commons is to be altered to accomodate a horse.

David Cameron will conduct all duties on horseback effective immediately, Nick Clegg will take up the new role of ‘Stableboy’ and follow him around with some brushes, a shovel and a bag of sugar lumps.

It seems that the ‘Eton Mess’ (Tory Cabinet Members) are so fond of riding horses, particularily feisty police horses belongong to Boudicca look-a-like Rebekah Brooks, that they have decided it is easier to look down upon the plebisphere from a well oiled saddle.

Even ‘salt of the earth’ Foreign Secretary William Hague is to be seen scampering gaily about Whitehall on a frisky Arab named Hussain.

George Osbourne will bring his hounds so they can lick his face at the dispatch box.

In response to this farcial display of ‘bluebloodery’ the Labour Party will have their benches tarmaced and will attend parliament in parker jackets riding mopeds.

The Liberal Democrats will sit on the back of the Tory Horses dressed up like blond girlfriends with wigs, open face-helmets, Jackboots and boob tubes!

UKIP will attend on flying pigs because they don’t have any seats!