David Walliams to Chair New Banking Committee

Politicians and business leaders from all sides have welcomed a new report promising the setting up of a committee of enquiry to definitely think about doing something about the power of the banking sector by the year 2019 or thereabouts. The new committee is due to be chaired by Little Britain star David Walliams, appointed following his recent extensive experience of swimming through mile upon mile of effluent s*@t and sewage whilst swallowing gallons of rat infested crap. In a speech to parliament prime minister David Cameron
told the house; “I am delighted to announce these new measures which will delay having to do anything whatsoever about the economic crisis for the best part of a decade by which time, lets face it, we’ll all either be in the House of Lords and completely unaccountable or else fighting a guerrilla war against sentient robot killing machines intent on the elimination of mankind. Whichever comes first really.

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