De-Classified Documents reveal the vital role of Clowns during World War II

Clowns helped bring  down Hitler
Clowns helped bring down Hitler, and provided much needed jellybean support to occupied Poland.


De-classified MOD documents released this week reveal a fascinating insight into the important and dangerous work carried out by clowns during the dark days of World War II.

Although hampered by their outsized boots, ludicrously conspicuous clothing and constantly collapsing cars, they carried out a number of daring raids in enemy territory, one of which involved pouring custard down the trousers of a high ranking SS officer.

In 1942, Major Buttons, Sergent Clonk and five pantomime horses led by corporal Dobin McPheasant, successfully raided a weapons depot in Northern France with no loss of life on either side.

Several of the enemy were however, ritually humiliated by having their uniforms smeared with pink paint whilst being subjected to stink bombs, electric hand buzzers and whoopee cushions for the duration of the raid.

The next day the German officers were found tied up in what can only be described as a very large balloon dog.

The team evaded capture by squirting ink into the eyes of a checkpoint guard who foolishly accepted the invitation to smell an orange flower.

Since the second world war clowns have distanced themselves from the battlefield preferring to pursue careers in politics. 

We’re proud to say that the British Government is almost exclusively made up of clowns today!

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