Delia Smith’s New Book ‘My Favorite Christmas Hangover Cures’

Britain’s favorite housewife cook Delia Smith is back with a revolutionary new culinary tome, just in time for the festive season ‘My Favorite Christmas Hangover Cures!’

Delia Smith, who h as been seen in public on a number of occasions in a condition described as ‘the worse for a few sherberts’ can now reveal that this was all in the name of research new book.

With customary verve Delia has spent the last three years tucking into all manner of alcoholic beverages, mixing the grape and the grain, leaded and unleaded petrol, premium strength street lager … you name it she’s drunk it, fallen in the gutter and then invented the perfect wonder cure using all natural ingredients available at Waitrose.

Whatever happens she would like to dispel rumous that she is a complete lush who spends her time hanging around at football matches getting trollied and then making an exhibition of herself in front of hoards of fans.

To think Delia Smith, the perfect houswife cook, Delia Smith who taught us all how to boil an egg would do a thing like that is totally unthinkable.

Delia will also release a limited number of copies of the accompanying publication ‘Delia’s Daiquiri Diary’ cataloguing her adventures in the making of this series, will be available on a first come first serve basis.

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