Der Spiegel has nothing to do with Cowboy Bebop protagonist

You kidding me right now?

You kidding me right now?

Spike ist nicht die Frage hier!

Bad news, space cowboy: Germany’s leading news publication Der Spiegel is a paper covering current events, politics, societal issues and cultural trends. None of those things relate in any way to Spike Spiegel, the coolest character in the history of Japanese animation.

The news certainly is shocking to anyone who would rather watch anime than know what’s going on in Germany. Being such an iconic series, it was certainly a natural assumption that Der Spiegel is something like Deutschland’s leading Cowboy Bebop fanzine.

Nope, it is not that. It’s just a god damn regular news magazine.

Angela Merkel would ride Jet’s arm like a mechanical bull!

…but sadly, that wouldn’t change anything.

“I figured that it had to be about Spike,” claims a manga freak who arrived a month early for San Diego Comic-con. “…but now that you mention it, I’m not surprised. It’s Germany; if it isn’t bukkake, you’re not allowed to do anything fun. That’s why they had to fly in Monty Python to do the German episode. Then they had their bukkake party and got the fuck out of there.”

Oh, and Faye’s tits.

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