Despot Noodles

Despot NoodleTempted by a Naughty Snack?

Thought you’d tried everything? How about Evil Dictator Flavoured Noodles? A Welsh company have invented a new type of fast food snack tasting of famous dictators both alive and dead.

So if you’re bored why not munch a Mugabe, or Gobble a Gaddafi? There are many different flavours, our personal favorite was the sweet and sour Pol Pot flavour.

Not to be confused with original pot noodles which are not related to this product, the Despot Noodle company offer something exclusive for the truly deranged snacker.

Having finally settled up their court case after releasing a range of rare animal flavoured lollies and household kitchen items from the Bread-Bin Laden range,  the newly renamed company are raring to go with this new range of highly topical products and hope to expand the range as and when fledgling Dictators come to power.

Mystery has shrouded the process by which they obtain the flavourings for these products but they have defied anybody to prove that they’re wrong!

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