Dispeptred Isle

Empty Beaches... they honk!

Empty Beaches... they honk!

The Pacific Island of Boghummahumma, one of the remotest places on the planet averages more stomach ulcers per capita than any other place on earth. Other gastric complaints are also rife creating a smell so abhorrent that a five mile exclusion zone has been setup around the island, not by the locals but by anyone with a nose. Chief Stooliebiscuit, head of the flatuwhopper tribe who make up 95% of the island’s population says that he has no idea why his people are so cursed in the bathroom department.

“It makes me sad,” he said. “My people are good natured and friendly, the girls are pretty and the men are strong … if it wasn’t for the smell we’d be doing alright! I’m so sad I could wash my hands … but the Gods forbid it!”

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