Doctor Who is sent back to the 1970’s to collar celebrity sex offenders!

Doctor WhoDoctor who is going back to the 70’s to kick some celebrity paedo ass!

Yep, the BBC’s own swash buckling pseudo insane time-traveller is going to put right some serious wrongs and try to make us all feel a little better having been duped into believing that sexual predators are entertaining.

Using his sonic screwdriver he will attempt to unravel the complex mystery of how blatant sexism in the work place and child abuse was just ‘a bit of playful slap’n’tickle’ back then.

We’re not going to name names but get ready for some serious action as the Cybermen, the Daleks, the Silence and even the enigmatic Ood get stuck into the prime-time paedos!

There’ll be explosions, there’ll be prosthetic masks, there’ll be side burns and there’ll be beautifully choreographed fight scenes resulting in the highest body count yet for a the Doctor and his (legal) female companion.

All this is made possible as Doctor Who is one of the few remaining shows that didn’t have a sex offender in it!

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