Dr Johannesburg Swivel

Dr Johannesburg Swivel - Haddock News Team

Dr Swivel is a large fish finger with a penchant for deviant sex, sweet alcohol and mind expanding drugs. He inhabits a world of high camp and cabaret, trawling the night spots of London, New York and Paris for new and creative ways to satisfy his warped appetites. He is all the kink, pomp, beauty and lechery. Delightfully mad.

He’s also a journalist and culture correspondent on Haddock News and, despite the fact he seldom knows which decade he is in, his presence rounds out the trio that comprise the face of the News Team.

Why yes, yes those are nipple clamps! How darling of you to ask. They belonged to my grandmother actually. She was the sweetest dungeon mistress in New South Wales.

Fun fact: For the price of a tube of lipstick and a proper sausage, Dr Swivel can perform a show that will amaze the entire family. Email the editor about details!