Driving Backwards Saves Fuel

Ground breaking research from The University of Sevenoaks has revealed that not only does driving in reverse save fuel, it is also a greener alternative to driving forwards. The theory is that by driving backwards you actually blow the exhaust fumes back into the car thus preventing them from escaping into the atmosphere and causing pollution. Fuel is conserved, firstly because cars only have one reverse gear and so cannot drive as fast this way, and secondly that as a direct result of this people are more likely to use public transport as it is quicker and easier.

“Put quite simply,” explains Dr Polly Urethane from the university’s environmental science department. “Driving backwards is rather difficult and very slow so people simply won’t do it … this will reduce their carbon footprint enormously!”

It was suggested during a press conference that people who did not wish to drive backwards might do so forwards instead. A spokesman for the University declined to comment on this.

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