Duke of Cambridge no longer believes in Santa Claus

Duke of Cambridge

Prince Philip today spoke out against people who advocate wind farms as ‘believing in fairy tales’ and stated that wind farms will ‘never work’.

The Queen’s husband went on to dismiss all information communication technology as ‘balderdash’, computers as ‘bunkum’ and said that ‘those flying machine things will never, ever catch on’.

Reverting to a more common sense approach, he went on to pour contempt on members of the Flat Earth Society, branding them as ‘idiots’. He concluded by stating that ‘everyone knows the earth is actually at a 10 degree incline.’

Meanwhile, the Duke of Cambridge, who is quite recently coming to terms with the fact that Santa Claus and the tooth fairy do not exist said that while he doesn’t actually believe there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, he ‘hasn’t seen conclusive proof that they don’t exist either.’

The Duke of Edinburgh’s comments are directly at odds with the government’s current policy to significantly increase the generation of renewable energy, including the use of wind farm technology.

The prime minister commented on the situation last night by saying ‘There is an urgent need to review our current Energy Policy, especially if I’m to have any chance of getting a knighthood in a few years.’

The Queen of England however, steadfastly refuses to believe wild and unsubstantiated rumours about her which say she is one of the wealthiest women in the world.

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