Dutch Parliament hit by Locust Plague after dropping Blasphemy Laws!

plague of locusts

Locusts are disgusting – these two are having sex!

Oh for God’s Sake!

There were chaotic scenes today at the Dutch Parliament after a plague of locuts descended upon those debating an end to the country’s blasphemy laws!

Not only that but at the same time the taps started spirting blood and, in addition to the locusts, clouds of flies and gnats poured in through the windows.

Several MP’s were struck down by boils and sores while outside a ferrocious hailstorm pelted the building with football sized ice blocks which removed roof tiles, window cleaners and statues!

Meanwhile an angry storm cloud has formed above the building and there are reports that two politicians who tried to flee the scene were vapourised by unusually acccurate lightening bolts.

All the cattle in the building (of which there are many more than inĀ other parliaments) suddenly dropped dead with expressions of shock and excommunication etched across their faces!

“Fucking hell!” Said one man, a statement which may of actually saved his life!



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