East Enders and Corrie to Merge Togeather

In a bid to drastically cut costs, Coronation Street today made an aggressive bid for a majority shareholding in East Enders. If successful, merging the two soaps together will generate a fortune. The name of the new programme is subject to speculation, but Corrie–Ender and East End Street are touted as favourites.

 This move will drastically cut administration and staffing costs said Steve McDonald, landlord of The Rover’s Return and co-owner of  the Street Cars taxi company in Coronation  Street’.  As such, he will assume the role of Chief Executive of the new venture. 

 He continued, “There will be changes. Weatherfield will go head-to- head with Walford. Tina of The Rovers and Tracey of the Queen Vic will compete for jobs as barmaids
in a new local pub, to be named ‘Roy of the Rovers, Returns’.  Similarly, Roy Cropper and Ian Beale will be up against each other to run the local café.  

William Roche who plays Ken Barlow and longest serving actor in ‘The Street’ said that he’d seen a number of changes to the programme over the years. “The script writers have always been kind to me in that I’ve always had a number of extra-marital affairs over the years. I’m just hoping that I’ll continue to get my fair share of nookie on the side, in the new merged programmeâ€

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