Easter Recipe: Rabbit Omelette in a Hot Crossed Bun!

Rabbit Omelette

Rabbit Omelette

What could be more seasonal than a delicious Omelette du Lapin?
Bringing together two those two Easter favorites; eggs and the Easter bunny to resurrect your taste buds. 
 This classic was believed to be on the menu at the last supper, and it’s the last time you eat anything else let me tell ya! Boy what a flavour.

What you’ll need:

Three Eggs

A Rabbit (Dead)

A bowl



Salt and Pepper

A packet of hot crossed buns (Remember they’re not hot until you put them in the oven, but you can’t sue for this)

How to Prepare;

There may be more than one way to skin a rabbit, but the most fun is to throw it to a couple of hungry dogs. Whilst those happy pooches are chewing on the fluffy skin you can easily scoop up the delicious chunks of bunny meat and entrails and pop them in the pan with chopped onion and oil.

When they’re browned, pop them to one side on a sheet of kitchen roll (soak up the oil, stay healthy!) and then pour the mixed up eggs into the pan.

 Cook for one minute then scoop in the rabbit and flip over the omelette.  Cook for a further minute before taking off the heat.

Place your hot crossed bun on a plate, cut in half and place the omelette between the pieces. Cover in ketchup and eat with a glass of tequila and four beers.

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