Education Minister Caught Shouting at Karl Marx Tomb!

Michael Gove, the minister of and for Education, was caught having an argument with the Karl Marx statue at Highgate cemetery. Concerns for his capability of a ministerial office were first called into question as Michael Gove is only 24 years old, now the conservative party are concerned for Gove’s mental health. However, an expensive clinic gave him the once over and he is fine to dictate national education policy from here toCardiff.

‘No, you’re the one who has a lot to answer for’

It was at 2.13 am that Gove was discovered in a heated one way debate with Marx’s statue. Gove argued to the point of yelling and a pair of Police community support officers called Brian and Peter had to escort him off the premises. When questioned, Gove claimed that Karl had a legitmate question, but insisted on butting in at very inappropriate moments.

‘We were getting nowhere and I was actually about to leave’

Gove has been reported to have put a deposit on Virginia Woolf’s old house and, in the lounge, put up a sexist oil painting.

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