England Cricketers questioned after Playing Well!

A number of English cricketers are being questioned in connection with alleged match fixing after winning The Ashes. Some decent catches, correctly bowled deliveries and great displays of batting were deemed to be outwith the character of the English game and therefore subject to scrutiny. The England coach has been released on bail after admitting that he had  repeatedly advised the players on how to execute a good game of cricket and therefore, against the expectations of the fans, caused them to win the series. A number of criminal betting syndicates have been implicated in the dastardly plot to undermine the long standing global reputation of English cricket as a bit rubbish, inconsistent, regularly capitulating and ultimately alright with the idea of losing. Nobody has been named and the inquest goes on, but the MCC have strongly discouraged any repetition of this high quality cricket if the English game is to enjoy it’s reputation as the team everyone loves, and indeed expects to beat!

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