Enriched Plutonium! Billionaire Meglomaniac Handed US Atomic Arsenal!

US President Barack Obama has announced a major new logistical shift in his administration’s defence policy. Under plans unveiled today the US Military will shortly be transferring control of its nuclear weapons system to the intelligent supercomputer run by megalomaniac billionaire Fulton Dollarson. Mr Dollarson has acquired something of a reputation as a colourful character in recent years but he is perhaps best know for the robot army he constructed three years ago which he attempted to use to take control of every major city in the US as part of what analysts say was a bid for ‘global domination of the planet.’ At a press conference last night Mr Dollarson laughed off what he described as a ‘faux pas’ and assured reporters he was now a changed man. “We all have skeletons in our pasts which we now regret,â€

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