Evil Charity Toast Theft Scam run by Antarctican Bandits!

Don't post toast it's a scam

Don't post toast it's a scam

Don’t Post your Toast!

Homeless charity ‘Post Your Toast’ has been exposed as a scam by an independent watchdog.

The campaign which encouraged everyone in Britain to Post some Toast into any one of five thousand David Cameron shaped post boxes dotted around the country in order to provide food for the homeless, was in fact a cover for a massive toast stealing operation.

The toast, which is legal tender in Ghana, food in most other places and a building material coveted by pixies was being sold on the black market at highly inflated prices thus undermining the Euro.

The gang behind the scam which captured the hearts and minds of the nation were in fact Antarcticans, bent upon world domination.

The Antarcticans are desperate for cash to finance their impending war against western powers who will blow up their penguins in order to steal the oil and live dinosaurs buried beneath Antarctica.

The police have admitted that it will be impossible to return the toast to its original posters and have strongly advised members of the public to be wary of the following charities: “Send a Sandwich”, “Mail a Margarita”, “Courier a Cabbage” and “Kindly Email your Pin Number to Nigeria!”

You have been warned!