Experiments Being Conducted to Make all Packaging Edible

The Grunty Fen Institute Of Science for Waste Disposal reported a huge increase in gratuitous packaging nationally.

To discourage expensive and needless recycling, manufacturers are opting for packaging that is digestible and delicious.

Numerous lab experiments are taking place to change boring packaging into ‘a nutritious snack’ to avoid litter and reduce our carbon footprint.

Major Food Giants take exception to this research. ASDA store Manager Ms Freesia Bagg, highlighted a future marketing crisis, alerting customers, that flavoursome packaging for products, might become more tasty than the actual product, sparking fears of confusion amongst consumers.

“Where is there any sense in serving cornflakes out of a box, only to find out the box has better roughage and less preservatives, as bacon flavoured cardboard with a hint of avocado? This means one thing. Cornflakes being emptied into the dustbin, and just the container consumed with relish. Now is that sound business sense?

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