FA Board of selectors shortlisted for the Turner Prize

Having taken the art world by storm with their recent work entitled ‘Roy Hodgson’ the Football Association board of selectors are now odds on favorites to win the Turner Prize.

The prize, awarded for acts of lunacy, usually goes to someone professing to be an artist but this year it has been opened up to people with proper jobs, a move which in itself prompted a nomination.

Shrugging off their new found fame the FA continue their important work, ensuring that the England team’s trophy cabinet remains empty.

Other contenders for the prize include Boris Johnson for his piece ‘Turning a blind eye’ in which he deflects suggestions that News International were involved in phone hacking in order to protect his business dealings with them.

And the rank outsider, Sean Penn with his poem ‘I know what I’m talking about, especially regarding the Falklands’ which has much the same effect as a dart full of rhino tranquilliser on all who hear it.

Roy Hodgson, who is enjoying life as a work of art, is said to be disappointed by the lack of  offers to paint his penis, especially as he is unhappy about its colour.

If the FA win the Turner Prize it’ll be the only trophy they get this summer.

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