Feminist’s Vagina shocks: “Penises deserve the gas chamber!”

...and a German accent!

…and a German accent!

A radical feminist’s vagina has raised eyebrows over a series of tweets it sent out last Friday voicing its somewhat extreme feelings towards the sex organs of men. Betty, the vagina of feminist blogger Anna Schmundilech, went on a 38-tweet tirade which spanned many subjects; most notably, a passage about penises being “violent sexual anarchists” who are all deserving of a “swift death by gas chamber.”

Below are some of the vagina’s most provocative statements:

Penises are the root of all wrongness. They are what make men violent sexual anarchists and turn them into bearded hockey players. –@BettytheVag (8:13PM 21 Nov 2014)”


They cause men to be primal, hunter-like creatures, with appetites for the perverse. Completely unlike the intentions of nature. –@BettytheVag (8:32PM 21 Nov 2014)”


I feel that all societies would be safer if male genitals were sent to work camps. Sorted by strengths and skills, and put to good use as workers… (1/2) –@BettytheVag (8:43PM 21 Nov 2014)”


…then allowed to die a painless, swift death by gas chamber when their tasks are completed, thus ensuring the safety of vaginas everywhere. (2/2) –@BettytheVag (8:46PM 21 Nov 2014)”

When asked for comment on her vagina’s extreme stance, Anna Schmundilech issued a statement of her own: “I would like to make clear that the opinions of my vagina are not necessarily viewpoints that I share. That being said, it does raise a number of valid concerns, and if anything, you have to admire how articulate it is.”

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