FIFA Confirms that singing: “England are Crap” does not constitute Racist Chanting.

European Cup Chanting Debacle

European Cup Chanting Debacle

Amidst the furore over Racist Chanting at football’s European Cup Finals yesterday a complaint lodged by the England team has not been upheld.

A group of football fans from not one but many countries stood in a line and sang  ‘England you are crap and you will never win anything again’ to the the tune of La Marseillaise as the team left their coach ready for the first match.

The England Manager Roy Hodgson filed an official complaint about what he called unsportsmanlike and racist chanting.

FIFA decided that the comments made by the crowd were fair and measured in light of the fact that England have not won a major tournament since 1966 and have consistantly let their country and fans down by playing like a band of numpties. *

Mr Hodgson countered this argument by saying that this is a new team that are much better and therefore the comments are unjustified.

When the laughter had died down the representatives from FIFA said that the chanting would be banned when England win, and not before.

England fans, incensed with rage at the ruling, immediately began singing ‘Germany, France and Italy are all crap!’ outside the courthouse.

They were all promptly arrested and locked up for talking complete bollocks!

*That being said, The Haddock would like to wish the England team the best of luck in this year’s torunamet as winning the cup is one thing, but shutting up FIFA would be bloody fantastic!