Haddock Review: Fifty Shades of Snow


Sexual Habits of the Penguin

British writer/explorer G M Levick, author of the erotic romance trilogy beginning with the bestselling “Fifty Shades of Snow” can’t believe the impact of his work, or the influence his books have had on the fantasies of people towards aquatic, flightless birds around the world. Described as an “extraordinary and graphic account of sexual behaviour within the ice flows of Antarctica” the story details full accounts of sexual activity, auto-erotic behaviour, and seemingly aberrant behaviour of young unpaired males and females, including necrophilia, sexual coercion, sexual and physical abuse of chicks, non-procreative sex, and finishes with a graphic account of homosexual behaviour which Star Trek’s George Takei called “fascinating“.

Originally developed from a March of the Penguins fan fiction entitled “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” it was published episodically on fan-fiction websites under the pen name “Adelie Penguin”. Since then it has influenced a great many stories itself, including Happy Feet Fetish and Mr Anal Popper’s Penguins, which starred Jim Carey in the film version.Not all reviews have been as positive. Nehemiah Grimshaw, Assistant Vice President of the Rochdale and Todmorden Pigeon Fanciers Association described the series as “just a load of spanking and cheap titillation, give me an Arabian Trumpeter or a Muffed Helmet anyday….