First Class Stamp Stampede!

First class stamp

Sales of books of stamps have been rationed following an outbreak of panic buying at post offices.

Royal Mail outlets, newsagents and card shops have reported unusually high sales since the Post Office announced a hike in the price of first class stamps.

Cedric Fothergill, postmaster at Heckmondwike post office in West Yorkshire said ‘It’s just gone crazy. People who haven’t written a letter in years are buying stamps, just for the sake of it. I’ve seen OAPs pushing and shoving each other and acting disgracefully. However, we have seen some of the blitz spirit, with some pensioners singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ in the queues’.

The government, anticipating a huge increase in the numbers of letters posted has commissioned the army to assist. Teams of ‘red goddess’ vans are on stand-by to help with deliveries, although petrol supplies cannot be guaranteed.

David Cameron has also established community stand by stations to allocate single stamps to people, should the crisis worsen over the next few days.

Stationers are bracing themselves for a rush on writing paper, envelopes and ball point pens and have worked tirelessly through the night to put vastly inflated price stickers on products