Force of Rabbit!

A former high flying city lawyer is suing his former employers for constructive dismissal after claiming they forced him to dress up as the Easter Bunny and deliver eggs to the entire office. Slickwell Sharkattack, 37, claims bosses at the international law firm Sue, Shaft and Prick coerced him into dressing up as the perennial seasonal favourite with promises of more high profile cases and a possible partnership, only to renege on their promises later after holding out for yet more costume based humiliation. Says Mr Sharkattack; “It started off as being a bit of fun for Easter but before long things had escalated. On one occasion a colleague tripped on a heavy file and had his front incisor knocked out. I came back to my desk after lunch and there was a tooth fairy outfit hanging over my chair. Last St Patricks Day whilst everybody else was preparing to go out for a Guinness I was made to don a Leprechaun’s outfit and ended up having the crap kicked out of me by these three lads from Connemara. Last Christmas I was forced into dressing up as an elf and when the last Star Wars film came out I was wrapped head to toe in gold tin foil and forced to act like a camp robot.â€

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