Newborn Infant Sails Around Cape Horn!

Infant sails yachtFifteen year old Tracey Pots from Northampton was attempting to become the youngest girl to circumnavigate the globe single-handed but it turned out she wasn’t alone.

Less than a week into the trip the chubby teenager gave birth to Kevin, a baby. Rendered unconscious and suffering from blood loss the girl passed into a coma.

Fortunately baby Kevin took over as skipper and piloted the ship safely around the treacherous Cape Horn before radioing for help.

Rescuers were perplexed to find Kevin clinging to the tiller with his teeth having improvised a safety harness from his umbilical cord.

The baby who appears to have been born a qualified offshore skipper would have taken all this media attention in his stride were he able to walk.

This is the first instance of a woman giving birth to a qualified sea captain although in 1975 a Nicaraguan woman claimed that her new born baby delivered himself and then drove her to hospital.

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