French label ‘Raspberry Beret’ as Cultural Appropriation

Raspberry Beret degrades the French

Prince single Raspberry Beret, a huge hit in the 1980’s has now been recognised for what it really is; utterly racist and degrading to the French!

‘The French wear berets and anyone else who does is an evil racist bastard, that goes for stripy tops, strings of onions and little curly moustaches too!’ Said a French person today.

‘The kind you find in a second hand store? Sacre Bleu! It wasn’t even a new one, you suggest we wear shabby second hand clothes, bastard!’ He spat with fury, another French-only thing!

It turns out that the girl in the song was not even French! Appalling right?

The Green Beret’s are also in trouble for the same reason.

‘Xenophobic meatheads!’ Said the same French person who may or may not speak for French people in general. ‘Why can’t it be the Green Cowboy hats? Why do they have to persecute us by wearing our national hat, I weep for humanity!’

English man seen eating Pizza

It seems this horrific cultural insensitivity doesn’t stop with food.

A non-Italian man in Sheffield was seen eating what looked like a slice of pizza yesterday.

Pizza is not English, it’s Italian and this is clearly an act of gross insensitivity to that culture.

When approached he sheepishly discarded the slice of Hawaiian and made assertions that he was looking for a meat pie shop.


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