Friends with Benefits’ film to be renamed ‘Shag Buddies’

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) today said that the film Friends With Benefits is to be renamed for its DVD release.

Sydney Makepiece of the OFT said ‘The film is described as ‘an exploration of the  complex relationships between men and women and how one couple attempt to disassociate emotional attachment to physical acts of love’. The OFT deem this description to be a load of old twaddle and everyone knows it’s really about friends who f***.

Some people have contacted our office enquiring as to whether the work is a story about acquaintances who are in receipt of housing benefit or job seekers allowance. We feel that the title is misleading to the general public and as such it will be renamed ‘Shag Buddies’ for its DVD release’.

Other films being renamed include The Pirates of theCaribbeantransforming to The Sea Bound Ruffians of the Continent of Europe, Farewell My Concubine changed to Laters  My Bit On the Side and It’s A Wonderful Life amended to Oh No Its Not, It’s A Tolerable Existence At Best.

BBC film critic Mark Lawson said ‘It’s an absolute travesty that government offices are meddling with works of great art – and with Friends With Benefits. I think they’ve missed out Reservoir Dogs though: that should be renamed Big American  F*** Off Gratuitous Killing and Violence Fest at the earliest opportunity’.

Next week, the Office of Fair Trading are investigating why there is only one Monopolies and Mergers Commission.

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