Frozen food Company Claims that Cows are 60% Horsemeat!

60% Horsemeat Cow

This Cow is 60% Horsemeat

Some Cows are Just Horses Dressed as Cows

A large frozen food company today claimed that the reason their Lasagna contains 60% horsmeat is that cows are mostly comprised of horsemeat.

“Cows and horses are pretty much the same thing!” Said a spokesman for the company. “Remember of course that if you had a human meat lasagna it would be over 98% Chimp!”

He went on to say that many of the cows we see today are actually horses disguised as cows so that people don’t become upset.

Horsemeat is eaten in France and other countries all the time but, unlike in the UK, they actually label it correctly.

“You don’t actually think that KFC is chicken do you?” Laughed the man at a lunch after the press conference during which he drank far too much and said a whole range of other stuff that he probably shouldn’t have.

Scientists are currently investigating the claims made by the man who will remain nameless.

However, we managed to get a bottle of his piss while he wasn’t looking and guess what?

He’s a horse!

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