George Papandreou to be Test Pilot for Latvian Space Agency

Having resigned as President of Greece, far from spending more time with his family George Papandreou is to begin a new and exciting career as a test pilot for the Latvian Space Agency LASA. He is said to be very happy with the new position and can’t wait to get up into space … this may prove difficult however since, due to budget constraints, LASA have only one rocket and it is made from a hollowed out tree an some packing foam. That it is not to say it won’t fly, after all they do have weapons grade plutonium and liquid oxygen boosters making it the
worlds most powerful wooden bomb! Rumors that Mr Papandreou was instructed to take this job by a very angry Nicolas Sarkozy and a positively livid Angela Merkel have been greatly exaggerated.

The job of test pilot is a very important one, although since LASA don’t actually have a testing department due to the afore mentioned budgeting problems the job description is actually just ‘Pilot’. Day one will consist of putting on a helmet, climbing into the cockpit and pressing the large red button labelled ‘Boom!’.

Mr Papandreou did offer to take a look at LASA’s finances in the hope that he may not have to complete a morning’s work as the epicenter of a mushroom cloud but when the accountant asked about his previous financial experience the interview was hastily terminated.

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