German Man Claims to Have Reached the North Pole First!

German Towel
North Pole Towel

Did Germany get to the North Pole First?

A very very old man name Hans claims to have reached the North Pole before anyone else.

Hans suggests that not only did he claim the pole, he left his towel there and went for a swim.

When he got back the towel was missing along with his sun lounger, in it’s place was a Norwegian flag.

He was just about to pull out the flag when Captain Scott’s team arrived causing him to make a hasty exit because he was naked.

Representatives of the Amundsmen estate refute the claim as nonsense suggesting that it would be impossible to simply ‘hide’ a sun lounger and towel at the North Pole, someone would have found it by now, and besides that, how could anyone walk that distance naked in temperatures of -50 degrees?

The Search for the North Pole Sun Lounger and Towel is on!

Nevertheless  Hans, who claims to be 120 years old, is financing an expedition to find the sun lounger and towel and prove his claim.

Whilst the rest of the world have always gone about their conquests using flags, the Germans are unique in their approach.

They believe that a towel, so long as it is the first one to arrive, gives the bearer sovereign rights to the area beneath it.

In fact it is believed that Hitler only invaded Poland after his towel, which had been placed in the middle of the Polish Parliamentary Building, was removed by a cleaner and binned!

Will they find a Towel at the North Pole?

Unlikely is not really as strong enough word to describe their chances of finding the towel.

The North Pole is very big, very white and very windy and the towel could well have blown away in the hundred or so years since these alleged events took place.

Even if they did find a towel, this would hardly be proof.

Still, they’re going to look anyway …. who knows, perhaps the North Pole (which will probably have melted before they get there) may still have a few more secrets to give up.