German rental Grannies not just for Children

And by putting the children to work, Grannies can double the money! Genius!

And by putting the children to work, Grannies can double the money! Genius!

With the price of mere existence rising exponentially, Senior Care has felt the strain of a tightened belt. What are the elderly to do with themselves and their many various skin discolorations? Germany has turned this problem into profit with the “Mehrgenerationenhaus” (or “House of Rentable Geriatrics”).

For a sensible rate, Germany’s young go-getters who really didn’t need to have a kid in the first place but still felt the need can drop off their little bundles bad decision-making with some of the country’s most qualified old people. The children generally enjoy the experience, except for the one who ended up in the “What Does the Fox Say?” video.

But Mehrgenerationenhaus stresses that they do not provide service to toddlers exclusively. For an equally sensible rate, grown people can also hang out with the seniors. It’s the love you never got from your actual grandparents at an affordable hourly rate.

The idea is so popular that it’s being considered for launch in both the UK and US. It might even be combined with the cruise line industry, where the elderly will live on the ships full-time and children will be shipped off for a week at a time.

The idea sounds brilliant if you think about it and hate the children you unwittingly created. For more on this brilliant business venture, click here.

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