Get Surgery to make you American! Trump tells Immigrants.

Donald Trump said today that altering their features surgically would turn Immigrants into good God-fearing Americans thus solving lots of problems and saving the money that would have been spent on the Mexican Wall.Trump Surgery

The idea is to surgically make everyone the same, and therefore do away with the concept of anything being international at all.

‘Imagine there’s no countries, that’s what John Lennon said, so I’m just copying him!’ Said the carpet-headed real estate billionaire candidate today. ‘You liked him, now you can damn well like me too because I’m getting rid of racism with surgery!’

It isn’t clear yet how much this program will cost or how it would be implemented but early estimates suggest that it would be cheaper to build a Death Star out of Oreos…

Still, it’s about as left wing as he gets so lets try and see it as a positive step.


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