Get Your Pundits Out Before they get a Sky Full!

Sky Sports has been rocked by a new sexism row after a pundit told how he had been banned from the lady’s changing rooms at the International Netball Championships for being a man.Veteran reporter Sandy Randypandyson spoke out after PC bigots escorted him off the premises when ultra feminist members of the Swedish under twenty-fives team complained about his presence in what they were adamant should be a ‘women’s only shower cubicle.’ Said Sandy; “As a reporter with over twenty five years experience it is my job to seek out the big stories and discover the gossip behind the scenes. Where better to start, I thought, that the player’s dressing room where, as we all know, both players and coaches can really let fly with what they really think? I don’t see why my gender should have anything to do with this noble aspiration so imagine my surprise when, no sooner had I appeared in the changing room and announced that my microphone was in my hands and waiting for a big scoop and that I wanted to penetrate straight to the heart of the action I was promptly wrestled to the ground by four security guards and dragged out of the building before having my head kicked in behind the bins.â€

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