Gillette announce the World’s First Ride-On Razor!

Gilette Release Ride-on RazorThe World’s first Ride-On Shave!

First they had one blade, then two, three, four, even five: but that was just the beginning.

A research team linked to one of the worlds largest razor manufacturers (The Best a man can get apparently!) has announced the birth of a new generation; Introducing the world’s first Ride-On Razor ‘Facemower Mk I’.

This device has a small two-stroke engine, collection box for easy disposal of hair and it comes with it’s own shed which bolts onto the side of a sink or bathroom cabinet.

The device costs only £1.99 with replacement blades available for as little as £10 000 each!

A vat of shaving gel is also available which can be fired out using a garden hose attachment.

The controls are really basic so your wife can drive it over your head effortlessly.

London Zoo is said to be very interested in the device and has apparently made a very large advanced order.


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