Gladstone Cormorant’s Correctional Institute for Young Women

Gladstone Cormorant

The foul cancer of immorality and vice continues to spread like a rash on the genitalia of society.

Each week our fine cathedral cities are littered with vomit and the bloated, overweight carcasses of down and outs and blaggards getting paralytic in one of the local dance and liquor dens. But nowhere is this vice more apparent than in the young, female population, as I have found out to my great cost.

Early last year I opened an instructionary hostel for young ladies, aged eighteen to twenty-one in the grounds of my home in Surrey in which I hoped to help raise the next generation of mothers and homemakers through the tried and tested medium of dominatory role-play and brisk spankings.

However following my discovery of a discarded Kit-Kat wrapper just a mile from the front door of my house I became concerned the ladies were neglecting their moral obligations and so I saw fit to install hidden video cameras in the dormitories, shower rooms and toilets of their dwelling areas.

What I saw sickened me. I was obliged to watch the seven television screens in my quarters some twenty-three hours a day, and was unable to eat or sleep. Several times I was seized with a fit of rigours, I felt my organs tense up and suffered at least forty involuntary ejaculations per day in which I quite lost control of my own body movements.

And do the powers that be have any concern for the miasma at the core of our rotten society? Quite the opposite; in fact it was ME who was penalised, hauled before the magistrate and banned from going within a forty yard radius of anybody under thirty! The haze of corruption spreads by the second and all who attempt to speak out are cleaned by the left wing thought police Gestapo. Scum nation indeed!

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