God asked to Testify

God has been cited as a character witness in a legal wrangle between two bishops who were both hospitalised when their hang-gliders collided near Canterbury. The dare devil sport has become increasingly popular amongst the clergy with the sad consequence that they have been falling out of the sky in increasingly large numbers.  Only last week the vicar of Honkbuscuit on the Wold was found wandering around the streets in a dazed and distressed state having ploughed his glider into a greenhouse.  The Bishop of Piechester has suggested that his colleague the Bishop of Wellington Brumpty used evil to knock him out of the sky. Historically, bishops are not supposed to use evil under any circumstances, not even to help poor sick children … so these allegations are very serious.  The Vatican said
that with regret God will be unable to appear at the trial owing to his busy schedule,  they confirmed though that he can vouch for the integrity of the accused bishop and has suggested that from where he was floating the whole incident looked like an unfortunate accident.

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