God of War 4: Is Kratos the Trans hero we need in 2018?



God of War 4 is everything a good game should be: smart, fun, gorgeous to look at, and a big party for people who enjoy blood on their tongues. I have blood under my fingernails right now, and I haven’t even played the game. That should tell you something, though I don’t know what that something is.

Kratos, the hero/anti-hero/bucket of chicken wings of the game, is a complex character. He’s now a father, a murderer of many gods, and overall a complete and total cunt. But is he the transsexual hero we need and deserve in current year?

Let’s look at some of the truths here: the game he charters is very popular. He’s a well-established figure in a vast and impressive universe. He’s also extremely sexy and a jerk, which is highly attractive. He hasn’t changed his sex or gender though, which does perhaps throw a wrench in the the trans angle.

So sadly, while Kratos is a paragon of outrageous and hyperbolic behavior, he is not a transsexual, thus fucking up this entire article. Maybe Samus is trans…probably not, but maybe. Make a video game with a trans protagonist if you want one very badly. They’re not hard or expensive to produce from what I understand. God of War 4 is the shit though so play it if you like good video games. Or just watch the career highlights of Takanori Gomi on Youtube. It’s your dumb life.

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