Government Cuts Stupidity!

As half a million ordinary people marched on London on Saturday to express their opposition to ‘the cuts’, another two protest groups added their voice to the public voice of dissent.   

Cedric Wallbanger-Hyperbole of the Society for Concentrated Resistance and Opposition To (Just About) Everything (SCROTE) stated that adolescent self-harming is already a very serious issue which affects the lives of many across the nation. “This masochistic ‘trend’ among young people is devastating enough without the coalition government actively asking the nation to accept ‘the cuts’. In addition to this, the resultant pressure on the NHS from supplying care and bandages to victims is actually increasing public spending at a time when we should be making reductions.   

Cynthia Fortescue-Lentil of the Vegetarian and Vegan Society said the carbon and climate change issues associated with the rearing of livestock solely for slaughter as food is a  very serious issue without this government advocating we all have more cuts (of meat).  

David Cameron responded to these comments by stating ‘the financial situation we inherited from the previous government and the international banking crisis means that tough and unpopular decisions have to be made in these difficult times. He went on to add “God preserve us all from these stupid numptiesâ€

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