Government Well Wishers!

Wishing Well

No more loose change

The government is to introduce a new ‘minimum amount’  of seventy pence for wishing wells. Anybody throwing in less than this will be prohibited from making a wish. Furthermore, all wishes made at public wells must pertain to government policy only and the money will be used to try and make those bills come true.  A list of ‘wishable’ policies will be posted by each well and contributors will be invited to chose one of these. Suggestions by the common sense movement that this is in fact a form of stealth tax have been ignored by the government who instead have suggested that in this small way they are empowering the public to change policy. Furthermore the appointment of several hundred new ‘well inspectors’ who will maintain the wells and collect the money, creates new employment and therefore a much needed cash injection into the local economy.

 Treasury ministers Dai Light, and Rob Ery masterminded
the scheme.

“At last your wishes may actually come true!” Announced Mr Light yesterday, beaming with pride.

“There were no such assurances under the previous government,” added Mr Ery. “How they stood by whilst so many broken hearted children waited for wishes that would never materialise? We have replaced that hopelessness with possibility and change!”

Nobody clapped.

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