Governor Christie believes that taco trucks can save New Jersey

According to New Jersey governor Chris Christie, “…at this point, I firmly believe that relief efforts could be better handled by the fine employees of the Tristate Association of Taco Truck Activists.”

The governor has been extremely vocal about his displeasure with the federal government’s handling of storm relief in the recovering coastal region. When he becomes extremely vocal, he looks like Boss Nass from Star Wars Episode I.

The sluggishness of the federal government to release disaster relief funding to the storm-stricken region has led the governor to seek out alternative problem-solving strategies. As always in such a pursuit, the topic of tacos came up. Then, claims Christie, “it all just started making sense.”

“First of all, the taco truck workers are hard workers. Any time I’m at one, they’re working like crazy,” he continues. “And then second, you can do a lot with tacos. Taco meat can be used as mortar, taco shells can be used as paneling. Lettuce and tomato make great insulation. I’ve seen several very effective, highly delicious examples of taco-based residential reconstructions that look greatly promising.”

Harold Jawal, executive director of the Tristate Association of Taco Truck Activists (or TATTAs) was quite generous with praise for the governor after being approached to aid in the relief process. “We praise Governor Christie’s abilities, not only to recognize the value of the TATTAs, but also his willingness to reach out and embrace the TATTAs in this time of crisis.”

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