Grammar House of Horrors!

In case you were wondering… the following article has passed a full spell and grammar check on Microsoft Office.

Microsoft’s grammar check has been named the most pointlessly useless invention of all time in a survey of professors from renown universities across Britain. The interactive tool beat off competition from strawberry jam flavoured wasp repellent and Harriett Harman to come out on top in a poll to be published in ‘New Science’ magazine this month. Oxford Statistician Professor Bino Beardywierdo, who had championed the cause of the grammar check, told The Haddock; “It can’t understand a passage written as a spoken sentence and some of its suggested ‘corrections’ can only be viewed with the most stupefied astonishment. Meanwhile the wiggly green lines it randomly decides to place under the most innocent and unassuming of sentences have been mildly annoying users of Word for almost twenty years.â€

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